Thursday, January 10, 2013

Made In Croatia!

Today I'm bringing you some of my favourite Croatian designers. I really love them and they are making wonderful clothes.

Behind this name stands Jurica and his wife Marija Pirić. They graduated from prestige fashion school in Milan. They are my favourite designers and my prom dress was designed by them. I really love their dresses and they are very feminine and georgeous. Here is my prom dress and other Arileo designs that I like. Visit their Facebook page.

My Prom dress

He is a famous Croatian fashion designer and his name is Juraj Zigman. Juraj is from Rijeka and his sweaters are must have of this winter. Also I like his dresses because they make you feel very sexy and glamourous.
Here are my favourites and his Facebook.

Zigman dresses and sweaters

Lei Lou By Alex Dojcinovic
Designer of brand Lei Lou is Aleksandra Dojcinovic and she makes lovely dresses,belts,bags and etc. Her designs reflect the beauty of a lady with a class. View her collection on Facebook.

Lei Lou bag and store

Designer Aleksandra Dojcinovic

Severina wearing Lei Lou

Aleksandar Zarevac is young Croatian designer who is breaking through on our fashion scene. He has beautiful designs. His collection was mostly made with two contrast colours like black and white. Go to his Facebook page.

Dresses by Aleksandar

Ivan Alduk is great designer that creates dresses,bags,belts etc. I really like his last collaboration with Galko. It's collection with lovely bags for a stylish woman. Here is his Facebook Fan Page.

Alduk by Galko bags

Bags by Alduk

Hope you like it guys and follow me on Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest. Kisses, N. 


  1. omg this dress is absolutely glamorous! hope that you have a great prom night! <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. Hej Natalija, zanimljivo, bas nedavno sam procitala slican clanak u Budi IN magazinu :) Arielo stvarno ima predivne haljine!

    Slijedim te! :)

    Pusa, Kristina

    1. da vidila sam i ja taj njihov intervju :) ja ih obozavam :) evo pratim i ja tebe :)


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